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Soldier Fetish

A Dark Angel Community for Logan/Alec fanfics

A Dark Angel Community for Logan/Alec
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Hello and welcome to soldierfetish!

This is a Community dedicated to Dark Angel fanfiction, featuring the slashed pairing of Logan Cale and Alec (X5 494). Slash in fanfiction is a sexual relationship between two people who are not actually romantically involved in the show/movie/book fandom that they originate from. In this case, it is a sexual relationship between Logan and Alec. And more specificly, it is a romantic pairing between two men. So if you are not comfortable with a male/male relationship, you are in the wrong community! Feel free to post your stories about them. Just be sure that when you post, you follow the rules stated below and to the right. Those who do not follow the rules, or act unkindly and/or troll can and will most likely be banned from the community!

Fanfictions rated R and NC-17 are meant only to be read by those who are of legal age. That is why every fanfic is to be clearly rated. By choosing to read one, you are stating that you are in fact 18 or older.


All fanfics must have some sort of Logan/Alec, other than that, it's pretty much open.

When posting your stories, please include the following in your post:


And please include the following in your subject line:

Title,Pairing, and type (fic, ficlet, songfic, crackfic etc)

And most of all, make sure you place your story behind a livejournal cut!

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